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GMS celebrates Constitution Day in Social Studies classes!

Posted Date: 09/17/2018

GMS celebrates Constitution Day in Social Studies classes!

Students learn the importance of Constitution Day at GMS

GMS Social Studies teachers worked hard to create various activities that allowed our students to learn the impact that the Constitution plays in our past, present and future.

Ms. Bilderback hooked her students by dressing like James Madison and having them guess who they thought she was based off of clues she gave to them at the beginning of class. The students were engaged throughout the activity and it led to great student led discussions about James Madison and the important role he played in history. Constitution Day HookFollowing the bell ringer activity, the students then learned about the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Students discussed words that they did not know and then they selected which freedom they thought was the most important and why. Students then broke into groups with the same freedom and wrote an argumentative piece on why the freedom they chose was the most important. One student from each group volunteered to read their argumentative statement on why the freedom they chose should be considered the most important. The students were able to see different viewpoints from each group and it also provided an opportunity for the students to reflect on how hard it must have been for our Founding Fathers to agree on such an important decision that affected so many Americans.student results on project

Constitution Day Bell Ringer activity






Ms. Freeman’s Arkansas History classes participated in a scavenger hunt on the Articles of Confederation and Constitution to learn about Constitution Day.

Ms. Hargrove and Ms. Anderson’s 6th grade Social Studies classes participated in close read activities that taught the students about the Constitution and the history of our Founding Fathers. 

It was a great day to learn about the history of our country at GMS and we are proud of our teachers and students for celebrating Constitution Day!