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Coach White's EAST students collaborate on reading project with Mrs. Kimble

Posted Date: 12/18/2018

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EAST collaboration on readingStudents in Coach White’s East Class are helping collaborate on a reading project. Mrs. Kimble has been working on ways to help promote reading throughout our campus. One of the first things that she wanted to start was to get the teachers involved. Teachers help students become readers when they understand the importance of reading for pleasure and are reading role models. Mrs. Kimble met with the students and they decided to create posters that would hang outside of each of the teacher’s classrooms that would tell what book the teacher is currently reading and the genre of the book. The EAST students have taken on the assignment of designing and printing the posters. They created Bitmoji’s for each staff member in order to help make the posters attractive and creative so that it grabs students’ attention to help increase awareness of what their teachers are reading. We are proud of our EAST students for helping promote the importance and love of reading here at GMS!

EAST collaboration on reading     EAST collaboration on reading