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6th grade students used Greek and Latin root words to design new inventions.

Posted Date: 01/15/2019

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Student inventionsStudents in Mrs. Kimble’s Fast Focus class have been studying Greek and Latin root words. As a collaborative project, the students worked with partners to design a new invention that they could sell on the television show, Shark Tank. The students were assigned multiple root words that they had been studying and worked with partners to create some type of product that is not yet available to the world. The students began their projects by using a graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas. The students had to explain how their inventions worked, the benefit of using it, who could use it, and why they thought their invention was something someone should invest in. Once the students finished their graphic organizer they made posters to display their invention during their presentations. The students worked hard on the projects and created some clever ideas for new inventions and we are proud of their hard work and effort towards this learning activity!