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6th grade students learned about the Dewey Decimal System by designing their own zoos.

Posted Date: 01/24/2019

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Dewey Decimal Classification6th grade students learned the importance of the Dewey Decimal System in the library this week. The students were given the task of designing their own zoo, using 36 different animal cards. The students had to consider the animal types, species, habitats, etc. in order to classify their animals into the appropriate sections of the zoo. The activity engage critical thinking skills, creativity, and collaborative group effort in order to make sure that their zoo layout would both serve the animals and the tourist, properly. This activity allowed the students to understand how Melvil Dewey categorized the non-fiction books into 10 different categories but then he had to break each category down into smaller classifications in order to help organize each different sub-category under the 10 sections. This activity challenged the students to learn the importance of how our non-fiction books are categorized in number order by subject. The students enjoyed this activity and came up with some unique designs and explanations for how they categorized their animals. 

Dewey Decimal Classification      Dewey Decimal Classification      Dewey Decimal Classification