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Coach Ellison's Science classes studied Ocean Currents using 1992 Rubber Ducky Cargo Accident

Posted Date: 02/06/2019

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Science class studying ocean currents6th Grade Students in Coach Ellison’s Science classes are studying Ocean Currents. The students are using close reading strategies to investigate the 1992 Rubber Ducky Accident. The students learned that a shipment container carrying 28,000 rubber duckies fell overboard into the sea during a cargo voyage from Hong Kong to the United States. The rubber duckies have been washing up on shore, all over the world as a result. Since that fabled day in 1992 when they were unceremoniously abandoned at sea, the yellow ducks have bobbed halfway around the world. Some have washed up on the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, South America, Australia and the Pacific Northwest; others have been found frozen in Arctic ice. Still others have somehow made their way as far as Scotland and Newfoundland in the Atlantic. The students used the knowledge they had been learning about ocean currents to decide where the rubber duckies traveled and how the currents played a huge role in where the rubber duckies have appeared and might continue to appear.  Science class studying ocean currents