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Social Studies & Science classes use Sign Posts for Close Reading Strategies!

Posted Date: 02/12/2019

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Signpost strategiesStudents in 6th grade & 7th grade are working on close reading and annotating texts using Sign Posts. The students are working hard on learning to comprehend complex texts by focusing on the Contrasts & Contradictions Signpost. 

The Contrast and Contradictions (CC) Signpost is all about alerting readers to opposing ideas. There are two main types of CC: 

1. Opposition within two points of a text 

2. Opposition between the text and something the reader knows

Recognizing contrasts and contradictions helps students make comparisons, noting cause-and-effect, identifying supporting details, finding the main idea, and reflecting on the author's purpose. Cross-Curricular support of the Signposts are teaching our students a deeper level of understanding text in content areas. We are so proud of the hard working that our teachers and students are committed to!

Signpost strategies