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Ms. Wilcox's class learns about area/perimeter & construction costs from guest speaker, Mr. Ellison

Posted Date: 02/20/2019

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Contractor guest speaker in Wilcox's room.Mrs. Wilcox’s class had a guest speaker come to discuss the importance of area and perimeter with her students this week. Mr. Ellison is a local contractor in the Greenbrier community whose profession involves the constructions of houses. He shared with the students, the importance of understanding and calculating area and perimeter in his profession. Mrs. Wilcox’s class are working on construction projects where they have to calculate the cost per square foot on building materials such as trim, sheetrock, insulation, baseboards, etc. Mr. Ellison shared ways to help teach the students how to correctly calculate their building materials and even shared some of his own blue prints that he has used to build houses. The students loved getting to listen to his professional insights about his career, as well as connecting life skills to their projects. Mrs. Wilcox also gave the students some “sale discounts” on certain building materials so that they had to learn to calculate using percentages and discounts as well. 

When the class is finished working on the building material cost and overhead charges, they are going to construct a scale model of their project to share with their class. Thanks Mrs. Wilcox and Mr. Ellison for being great community partners to help ignite the learning for our students at GMS. Keep up the great work!