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Geography classes participated in Mystery Skype battles in the Media Center today!

Posted Date: 02/21/2019

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Geography classes participated in Mystery Skpye battles in the library today to practice their roles in order to prepare for their live Mystery Skype in the next few weeks. The students were assigned their roles and the classes were split in half and given a specific location as their country. The teams battled back and forth to try and discover where each other were located using yes/no questions. Mystery Skpye provides our students with a plethora of acadmic skils including: geography, climate, landforms, natural resources, economy, cultures, data collection, graphing, estimating, measuring, weather, seasons, landforms, research, organizing data, critical thinking, problem solving, compare/contrast, notetaking, communicating via written, oral and visual information. The students loved getting to become familiar with their roles so that they are prepared for our global connection in a few weeks. Skype in library