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School Board Members get to see how we are IGNITING LEARNING at GMS!

Posted Date: 02/26/2019

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GMS students were proud to show our school board members all the learning taking place at our school. The school board members visited multiple classrooms throughout our campus to get a sneak peak at our students immersed in learning. Coach White’s East Class shared their various student led projects that they are working on. Miss Anderson’s class was working on the study of root words and finding meanings of different words based on their prior knowledge of various root words. Mrs. Wilcox’s students showcased their house plan designs that they used to learn about area/perimeter. The students also explained how they have been learning to calculate the cost per square foot for different supplies that will be needed to build their house plans. Mrs. Cardin’s Stem class was working on 3-d printing and shared the steps that it takes to make a finished product using the 3-d printers. And we even had the opportunity to let Mr. Oaks try out one of our reading chairs in the media center while we explained information about our upcoming 1st Annual Battle of the Books that we are hosting at GMS in May. School board member enjoying reading center in library.

We loved having our school board members visit and we are so appreciate of their continuous support for our school. It was a great day and we are GMS PROUD!!