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GMS student sparks literacy initiative for EAST project to motivate peers to read.

Posted Date: 04/16/2019

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GMS student, Madelyn Larrimore, proposed READ Boxes as her EAST project to help motivate peers to read instead of play on their cellphones. Madelyn partnered with Mrs. Kimble, GMS Library Media Specialist, to devise a plan to get her project started. They decided to contact the GHS Agri department to see if they could build the boxes that Madelyn had designed. They agreed to build the boxes once all the supplies were available. During the time period of organizing materials and cost budget, Coach White, our EAST teacher, saw an idea of using old newspaper machines as a food bank. She pitched the idea to Madelyn as an alternative to having to actually build the boxes and worry about cost etc. Madelyn loved the alternative idea and contacted the Log Cabin Democrat to see if they had any old newspaper machines that they would be willing to donate for her project. The Log Cabin jumped on board and were excited to help be a part of Madelyn’s literacy initiative. They donate 3 newspaper machines to our EAST department and interviewed Madelyn to help spread word to the community about the READ Boxes. GRT Racing Inc. in Greenbrier has offered to sandblast the machines so that now the only step left is to have them powder coated. All of the Greenbrier School District libraries have offered to supply gently used books and they are also helping take book donations from teachers, students and parents. Once the READ Boxes are complete, they will be placed around the community and books will be put in them for people to take, read and return or replace. 

This has been an exciting project to watch ignite and we are so proud of Madelyn for pursuing her vision to help students and members of our community, READ!!

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