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Our 1st Annual Battle of the Books was a HUGE success! We cannot wait until next year!

Posted Date: 05/17/2019

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GMS hosted it’s 1st Annual Battle of the Books Competition. Students were able to pick their own teams and each team consisted of 3-4 players. Each team was responsible for reading the assigned 10 books from the America’s Battle of the Books, book list. The teams had the ability to strategize who would read which book, in order to be prepared for comprehensive questions at The Battle. The students have had 4 months to prepare for the competition. At the competition, students sat with their teammates and listened to the questions read from the moderator. Once the question was read, they had 20 seconds to write down the correct Title of the book (2 pts.) and Author (1 pt.). Once all votes were in, the moderator read the correct author & title while the scorekeepers tallied the scores. The teams battled 4 rounds of questions, consisting of 24 questions per round. At the end of the 4th round, the top 3 teams with the highest scores were awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  We had 14 teams participate this year, consisting of 56 students. The competition was intense, competitive, and most of all FUN. The students had a great time and worked hard to prepare for this day. Congrats to all the students who participated and Congrats to the top 3 teams who won. 

Also, a HUGE thank you to Mr. Otts, Mrs. Buchanan, & Dr. Amy Crum for being scorekeepers for our tournament. Thanks to Mrs. Kimble for hosting and organizing the event. Thanks to McNespey Kountry Junction Pizza Pro for providing pizza, drinks and snacks for the contestants. And a huge thanks to GMS for letting us host such an awesome, rewarding, educational experience. We cannot wait for Battle of the Books 2019-2020! 

B.O.B 1st place: Bubble Guppies- Kyler Wells, Aidan Williams & Chris Palmer

2nd place: I am Group- Braeden Metheny, Ian Smith, Jaydan Tomlinson & Hudson Hall

3rd place: Team Ironman- Katie Strickland, Lillian Manning, Sarah Bradley & Aubrey Gregg





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