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Mrs. Campbell's 7th Grade Science Students enjoy scientific investigations while building atoms.

Posted Date: 08/23/2019

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Mrs. Campbell’s 7th Grade Science class had fun learning about how to build an atom by learning how to read the periodic table. They first had to be able to identify the Atomic #, Atomic Mass, and the Atomic Symbol. Then, they learned how to find how many protons, neutrons and electrons were in each atom by using the math formula "APE/MAN." 

APE: A=Atomic Number = P=Protons = E= Electrons

MAN= M=(Mass) - minus - A (Atomic #)= equals N (neutrons) 

The students also had the opportunity to learn about the atom in 3-d forms. They used a hamster ball for the nucleus and plastic pipe for the electron shells.  The students were given various elements that they had to "build." They had to use the math equations to determine the number of protons, neutrons and electrons and then build the atom. Once the atom was completed, they could put the shells into "orbit" to show how the electrons are constantly moving around the nucleus.  

The students loved this project!  They also built models with MMs and had to draw models of elements 1-20. It was an engaging opportunity for our students to learn! Thank you Mrs. Campbell for challenging our GMS students to go from GRIT 2 GREAT!! Keep up the great work, students!! 

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