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6th grade Literacy & Panther Perk Hot Chocolate Shop...what an engaging activity for our students!

Posted Date: 10/04/2019

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Sixth Grade just finished their first unit of the year.  It focused on how experiences from your childhood impact your adulthood.  The final task was writing a Personal Reflective Narrative (aka Memoir) about a special time in their past.  To celebrate their hard work and accomplishments, Mrs. Hopwood and Mrs. Rhodes created the Panther Perk Coffee House.  Students were able to drink hot cocoa and apple cider while sharing information about themselves with their table mates.  They were also allowed to present their finish Memoirs if they chose. We are proud of our teachers for creating such an enriching activity to let them present and celebrate all of their hard work!  Way to go Mrs. Hopwood and Mrs. Rhodes, keep up the amazing learning environments!